Eyesi Surgical Simulator



Eyesi Surgical Simulator in Italy

AICCER is delighted to be collaborating with ESCRS to bring an Eyesi Surgical Simulator in Italy

ESCRS is launching a brand-new, first-of-its-kind campaign to take an Eyesi Surgical Simulator to European countries with low access to this equipment and AICCER is happy to announce that the ESCRS Simulator will be hosted from 18 December 2023 to 31 January 2024 in the new Medical Simulation and Advanced Training Center of the University of Trieste – Cattinara Hospital.

 We invite all students and trainees to undertake the tailored 6-hour ESCRS curriculum using hands-on virtual reality equipment and receive ESCRS certification on completion.

 To be eligible for this activity, students must first register to become an ESCRS member (free to trainees for 5 years).

You can become a member of ESCRS here.

Once you have your ESCRS membership details, we invite you to register for the simulator as soon as possible: places are limited to ESCRS trainee members only and sessions will be allocated at a first come first serve basis.

Please find all available slots in the online registration platform:

All participants will receive a “Student Moving Simulator Pack”, which contains:

  • A “Student Card” with all details on location, mentor contacts and pre-requisite courses to take before visiting the simulator.

We strongly advise to access the ESCRS iLearn Cataract Surgery Portal.

  • Simulator user guide
  • Quick start guide
  • Simulator cleaning instructions

and will be set up in the VrMNet portal where they will have access to numerous training videos and course information.